Light up your game.

Our original ice puck is a regulation 6 ounce light-up ice hockey puck that will revolutionize how you play the game.

Hand made in the USA and Slap Shot Ready!

The Comet Puck has you covered on the ice. The original ice puck is a regulation 6oz. light up ice hockey puck that is slap shot resistant. The Comet Puck is equipped with (2) super bright L.E.Ds and uses a replaceable 3 volt lithium coin cell battery that lasts for over 12 hours of play. The Comet Puck is Slap Shot resistant!

The Comet Puck Features

  • Great for outdoor rinks, ponds and synthetic ice.
  • Never lose a puck again - Slap Shot resistant!
  • Enables heads up play.
  • The same weight and size of a regulation puck.
  • Replaceable battery.


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